Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Tuesday 28th July - Travel Eating

So on Thursday I am heading up to see my boyfriend in a very big city a few hour from the city that I live in. It is going to be a fun eaty, drinky kind of time I can tell and I am feeling a little nervous about it having only recently (as in three days ago) made it into the 140's.

However, It has started me about travel and the desire to eat eat and I have formed an opinion that there are two really different kind of ways to travel.

The first is the indulgent style which encompasses focusing your new experiences around food and alcohol. Finding those fab little places to get great eats or glowing ambiance filled places to sip at a creamy Pinacolada and listen to sick tunes is one of the greatest highlights of traveling to a new place. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can become the prime focus for people who want to travel in this fashion. But at the end of the holiday how do you feel? Satisfied? Or like you've 'blown it' to some extent?

The other way to travel is one that I find much more satisfying. This kind of travel is one where I let the arts, culture, sights, sounds and smells be my main 'food'. Food should never NOT be one the main focuses of being in a new culture and new city. I would feel so sad to go somewhere new and feel I couldn't try the local cuisine.

But I would much rather come away from a trip somewhere new feeling that I had dipped my fingers into as much of the rich texture of the culture and tradions as possible rather than coming away feeling as if fingers (or mouth) in too many pies.

If you focus on finding wonderful new things in a new place you will discover that you burn massive amounts of calories just by the sheer fact of having to get from place A to place B to place B, and that a lot of the time you are not even thinking about food.

This is how I plan to travel this weekend. I plan to be STARVING hungry and ready to indulge by the time the hot dark night comes. Ready to party. Not feeling fat and full and bloated from a day of pigging out but feeling like I have earned the great new food I am about to sample.

The great thing about this style of travel is that you can easily lose weight. Come Monday when I get on that train back home, I want to be feeling skinner than when I arrived. Walking all over the show, getting hot and bothered, eating for experience rather than indulgence, these are the keys to having an awesome time AND getting slimmer.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Sunday 26th July

So weighed myself yesterday morning and am 148 pounds!! Soooo happy because it has felt like a long time coming.....and I mean a long time!! It feels like a real mile stone and a real achievement and I am so pleased with my efforts and it is a satisfying feeling. Just gotta keep going at it. This is boring....sorry!

I am going to write in a few days about what it is that I do, specifically, to lose weight.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Thursday July 23rd

So, last weekend my boyfriend came down and stayed. I did really well food wise up until Sunday night when we ate a pizza, and that fucked up Monday and Tuesday which, whilst going through, I felt really terrible and down about. Stupid aye?! But I got my period yesterday and often I will have major sugar cravings the day or two before, so those days are over and I felt great today, ate great, exercised, am feeling kinda slim.

GOOD! Love feeling skinny! Been trying on all my skinny clothes and they are looking good, not perfect, but good!

Gonna weight myself either this weekend or the weekend of August the 1st. Am going to buy new scales between now and then.

The photo is of my new birthday dress and belt.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Thursday July 16th

Is it a full moon or something? Nah, feels more like two planets conflicting or some such thing. Whatever it is, it has made me feel very weird and vulnerable today.

Food wise I did really well.

What I ate/ drank today: Coffee / milk / popcorn / protein bar / Vietnamese noodle soup. Plus a lot of water and some green tea! Did not over eat at all, healthy all the way and did Jillian Michael's Banish Fat Boost Metabolism. It is so hard that I have little fits of rage and throw tissue boxes and bags at walls and stuff. wahhaha.

Have decided I need some expensivish new scales as I get my scales out, turn them on and free standing they register 3.6 pounds or 2.5 pounds - random amounts! First time I get on I am a different weight from the second and the third! It is very annoying.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

What This is About For Me

There have been a few times in my life when I have 'accidentally' been at around 140 pounds due to circumstances such as falling in love and forgetting to eat or having traveled and the weight having dropped off due to the sheer amount of walking and moving I had been doing. But there have also been a few times in my life when I have surely been over 160 pounds, and I am certain there must have been a point several years ago when I was somewhere in the 170s. Mother fucker, ain't NEVER going back there again.

What this weight loss journey is about for me is more than merely shedding pounds. It is about having the control over my life that I know only I can have. It is about feeling the power in my life to DECIDE how heavy or how light I want to be, and it is about living in the freedom that this power brings. As people say, it really is NOT rocket science and it is not as hard as the entire diet industry makes it out to be. Gaining control over something like weight loss and health in my life is one step on my broader path to being the best me that I can be.

There is no one but myself dictating my size, my level of fitness or the foods that I choose to put into my body, this body, my only body. Which to be honest, I have a true love for. I do love myself and for that I feel lucky, so it is time to do right by myself, in every way that I can.

It is a lifestyle change. I do not want to diet and lose the weight and then feel that I can eat oily, sugary or over salted foods because I 'deserve' it. I want to get to a place in my life where I NEVER want that food again!

Currently I am at around 153 pounds and pushing hard but healthily to get into the 140s. I eat really well and I exercise five times per week. I will write a detailed account of what I do on both fronts in separate articles.

My goal is around 140 pounds, or 135 if I feel my frame can manage that, it is questionable.

And so far, that is what it is about for me